Pink House Jungle is now Houseplants Are (dot) Fun

I have insomnia. I can fall asleep, but if I wake up at all, and I often do, I’m wide awake for hours and hours. When this happens, I use this time to scroll through other people’s plant photos on Instagram. I find a hashtag, usually #succulove, and let that lead me from plant image to plant image until I feel sleepy enough to try sleep again. This routine eventually lead me to the idea of starting my own planty instagram, Pink House Jungle.

Pink House Jungle

The actual Pink House is a special house divided into 5 extremely unique apartments in Logan Square (Chicago). Yeah its pepto pink too. This place leaves a mark on everyone that has lived in it (currently four of us have tattoos of the building – it really is special!). This is where my childhood plant obsession re-grew. Our unit (our being my husband, two cats and myself) had access to a sunroom type porch that faced South. Imagine the plant possibilities when 3 of the 4 walls are windows getting the best sun!

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Houseplants Are (dot) Fun

Eventually, we said goodbye to the Pink House for a place of our own. While I initially used #PinkHouseJungle as a tag while living in The Pink House, calling things after the place doesn’t really fit anymore. So I’m shifting gears. The number one thing I hear from people when I meet them and they find out I have a lot of houseplants is how they kill every plant they own. I really want to use as a place to encourage everyone that they can have that so called green thumb all while finding ways to give back to my new special home – the houseplant community.

My name is Sarah. I no longer live in a pink house, but I think I have no formal botany training, but I pretend to on Instagram (not really, I’ll never make that claim!). I want to share everything I’ve learned about caring for houseplants, how I learned it, how I occasionally create peace between my plants and pets, oh! And fun projects you can make.