Houseplant pest control

Having had houseplants for a few years now, I have certainly had a few run ins with pests: spider mites, scale, mealy bugs and of course those dang fungus gnats! In addition to houseplants, I also have two cats, which dictate a lot of my choices in plants and plant care. I want to make sure I’m getting rid of these pests in not only an environmentally safe way, but in a way that is safe for my cats as well. Below is a list of products or methods I’ve tried and my experiences with them. (I purchased all of these products myself and was not paid to endorse any of them.) Continue reading

Pink House Jungle is now Houseplants Are (dot) Fun

I have insomnia. I can fall asleep, but if I wake up at all, and I often do, I’m wide awake for hours and hours. When this happens, I use this time to scroll through other people’s plant photos on Instagram. I find a hashtag, usually #succulove, and let that lead me from plant image to plant image until I feel sleepy enough to try sleep again. This routine eventually lead me to the idea of starting my own planty instagram, Pink House Jungle. Continue reading